PAUL Rollinson is asking for readers’ help again to gain more information about these photographs he has recently found in an album from the estate of a local lady.

“They are said to be from Badshot Lea,” says Paul. “I wonder if they can be verified and if anyone can recognise those pictured. If authenticated, I shall archive them accordingly.”

Hopefully the background of the football photographs will aid identification of the locations but dating is easy because of the writing on the match-winning balls.

On the 1913-14 school football group, could ‘BLCS’ stand for Badshot Lea County School? The boy holding the ball also wears a badge with with ‘BLS’ on it.

The more senior 1923-24 group carries ‘BLUSC’ and were obviously quite successful but sadly the engraving on the trophy is unreadable, as is the shield with the 1930-31 team.

Surely, though, the houses behind must give the location away, presuming the team had been playing ‘at home’.

No such luck with the two Scout groups, however, which were presumably taken while the boys were in camp.

Hopefully readers will be able to recognise the faces of some of those present and tell us more of the teams’ achievements and perhaps even where the Scouts were camping.

Please either drop a line to Peeps – by email to [email protected] – or email Paul Rollinson at [email protected]

Hopefully we’ll be able to share the information here soon, too.