PATIENTS are getting round-the-clock professional nursing care in their own homes thanks to a new night-nursing service launched out of Farnham Hospital.

It means patients could now spend less time in hospital recovering, or even avoid the need for a hospital stay.

The service has come about through a new community services contract led by Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust working in partnership with Virgin Care across north-east Hampshire, Farnham and Surrey Heath.

Fran Campbell, head of community services at the foundation trust, said: “We know people much prefer recovering at home rather than staying in hospital and that is why our approach in community services is ‘home first’.

“If it is possible for us to work with patients and their families to support their needs at home, our dedicated team will do all they can to make this happen.

“This new night-nursing service gives patients and their families the reassurance they are still in our care and that professional help is at hand.

“The fact our nurses have made this possible while also dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic is outstanding.”

The healthcare providers have come together as part of a new community contract to deliver the service, which launched this autumn.

The service includes patient assessment and identification of the nursing support needed with an aim to provide quick clinical decision-making, the prevention of hospital admissions, and a one-team approach to their delivery of care. Patients are referred to it by their GP or other health and care professionals.

Susan Joyce, head of community services in Surrey Heath and north-east Hampshire & Farnham for Virgin Care, said: “We are delighted the night-nursing service is up and running.

“It’s been incredible to see both teams come together effortlessly to provide such a wonderful service that will benefit so many.

“It just shows what can be achieved through integration and collaboration.”