An off-road mobility scooter known as the Tramper is now available for use at Hogmoor Inclosure in Bordon.

Donated by the South Downs National Park, it is part of a fleet of off-road vehicles at sites in and around the South Downs funded by a £174,000 Defra grant to help more people enjoy nature.

Marie-Anne Philips, estates and community officer for The Land Trust, which oversees Hogmoor Inclosure, said: “This is a fantastic new resource now available which opens up more possibilities for people with reduced mobility to experience the freedom, enjoyment and valuable health benefits of being outdoors in nature.”

Stefan Michal – a trustee for the Deadwater Valley Trust, which manages Hogmoor Inclosure – said: “It will enable people with disabilities to explore the more challenging terrain of Hogmoor in stability and comfort. I know my sister-in-law Lyn, who has MS, will be eager to book it. Her own mobility scooter quickly gets stuck in soft sand or rough terrain so she currently is limited to the road or pavements.”

Anyone aged 16 or above can book it. Call 01420 558085 or email [email protected] for details.