Jeremy Hunt believes Farnham will become fully pedestrianised one day – but not yet.

The South West Surrey MP spoke about the Farnham Infrastructure Project during a wide-ranging interview with the Herald.

He was excited by the proposals contained in the documents put out for consultation by the programme’s board.

They include two-way traffic on Downing Street between Waggon Yard and Longbridge, but resisted calls to pedestrianise East Street between Brightwells and the Woolmead developments, or a ‘Hart link road’ connecting Castle Hill to Upper Hart car park.

Mr Hunt’s dream remains a fully-pedestrianised town centre – and believes he will see it in his lifetime.

“I think it will happen – but it will take time,” he said.

“What I have learned is people’s habits have to change and that includes travelling habits.

“We have to make sure that cars going to the centre of Farnham are doing so because they want to go to the centre of Farnham, and not because it’s the quickest way to drive through Farnham.

“It’s going to take time to change that but I think if it’s good enough for Godalming, it’s good enough for Farnham.

“It may seem on the outside that the project is taking a long time, but under the surface we have made enormous progress.

“We are on the cusp of the biggest changes in the centre of Farnham we have had in my lifetime. Surrey County Council leader Tim Oliver came to see me in Downing Street and I think there is a consensus between all the political parties as to what we need to do.

“Everyone has had to compromise. It’s well known I have always been in favour of the purest form of pedestrianisation and it’s not going to be that yet but it’s going to get very close to it.

“I think what we will see, when the plans go out for consultation, is something that will mean we can cut the pollution in the centre of Farnham and widen the pavements to make it something that is cleaner, greener and more family friendly.

“There is a huge opportunity for Farnham when you look at that moment when the East Street developments are open, and the changes that are going to happen at The Borough and Downing Street and Castle Street, I think we will get a brand-new town centre which people will love when they see it.

“If you look at what is happening at cities like London and Guildford, everyone is on a journey as we move to electric cars, electric bikes, more cycling and more walking, to make the centres of our towns and cities much more pleasant. That change is long overdue in Farnham.

“I think when it happens – and I do think it is bound to happen – it will be the biggest thing I have ever been able to do for my constituency and I feel very proud.”