After five days on the run, Teddy the goat has found his way back home.

Teddy and his goat-pal Waffle had a visit from the vet for a routine hoof-trim last Tuesday.

But Teddy is not the vet’s biggest fan and when they left the gate open, he took his chance and ran for it!

Teddy’s owner Amy Hounsome and her three children, Molly, Charlie and Milo, were distraught at his disappearance. 

“It really tipped me over the edge,” said Amy.

After posting about Teddy’s escape on Facebook, the family received an outpouring of support and kind words. 

One woman and her daughter went looking for Teddy every day. Another gentleman took his drone to the family’s home to see if they could find him.

Amy said: “I can’t believe how kind everyone was, keeping an eye out for teddy. Trying to find him was like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Then on Saturday (July 29), Amy and her children were in their kitchen, where the window overlooks the field, and heard Waffle bleating.

And then they heard a second bleat: Teddy was back!

The three-year-old goat is as much a fan of the rain as he is of the vet and the unusually wet July weather convinced him to  go home and shelter in his warm barn. Amy described his return as a ‘miracle’. Little Teddy is a gentle, funny goat who loves apples and carrots and making Waffle chase him round the field.

“His love of company is another reason I was so worried he was missing,” said Amy.

But this isn’t the first time Teddy has gone missing as he was found in March sheltering in someone else’s barn after disappearing from his paddock.

Amy is now buying Teddy a tracking device just in case he decides to break out again.

Teddy has been coined a “local legend” by the people who helped look for him.