Lute recital at St Peter’s Church in Petersfield

Wednesday 16th February 2022 12:00 pm
Matthew Nisbet plays the lute at St Peter's Church in Petersfield.
Matthew Nisbet plays the lute (Handout )

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IN A FIRST for St Peter’s, a small but attentive audience was fortunate to experience renaissance musician Matthew Nisbet playing Apollo’s Lyre, The Lute’s Serenade.

Matthew, a specialist in the performance and study of early renaissances instruments, studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and Manchester University and performed with fine lute players nationally and internationally to become a highly accomplished solo performer.

The programme began with some pieces on the Lute (a stringed instrument with a large pear-shaped body) written by John Dowland that demonstrated the mellifluous nature of the instrument, and its versatility.

Next were items by Alessandro Piccinini and Giovanna Kapsberger using the Theorbo (a 16th century plucked string instrument of the lute family from Italy). The Toccata by Kapsberger entirely consisted of arpeggios and had a Schubert impromptu like quality from a later century. It seemed highly innovative.

The recital concluded with works by Sanz and Foscarini, Collista and Le Cocq on the Baroque Guitar, an early forerunner of the classical guitar.

The concert demonstrated the immense skill of the performer in transposing the medieval musical notations for such instruments into such soothing and delectable musical sounds that they transported the listener back to an earlier age.

A particular feature of this recital on January 29 was the ‘questions and answers’ opportunity, that could have been explored further.

It is hoped that Matthew will pay us a return visit in the future.

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