Autumn arrived in full force with heavy downpours causing flooding in and around Haslemere town last week. 

And it was not just the streets that were flooding, social media was awash with angry, fed-up posts. 

Several videos that were posted to social media showed residents getting their hands dirty and clearing the blocked drains themselves.

But this is not an unusual occurrence and some residents are questioning whether enough is being done to solve the problem. 

Kimberley Kelly had to clear the drains on Tanners Lane herself so she could get her children to and from school.

She said: “The floods are happening way too often and it’s really not that hard to get the drains cleaned. The roads need a sweeper around this time of year, like there used to be.”

Surrey county councillor John Robini said he has spoken with the highways department asking them to carry out a survey on the drains and get them cleared. 

Bob Daynes of Millhouse Carpet and Flooring Limited on Liphook Road, Shottermill said the flooding happens three to four times a year.

“What happens is all the leaves come down the hill and block the drains and the water can’t go anywhere,” said Bob.

The water has thankfully never got inside his property but he explained how other properties in the area have been affected. 

He added: “The environmental agency used to come out all the time but not any more. Now it is the neighbours who club together and clear the drains.”

In a comment on one of the various flooding posts one person remarked: “Gulleys need emptying... probably another cut back where the people have to suffer.”

Cllr Robini said Haslemere is “not the only town with this problem”.

But with the BBC setting weather warnings for Storm Agnes this week and unprecedented weather events on the rise, residents are asking whether ad hoc draining will be enough to prevent flooding in the future.