It is not just restaurants that are making their debut in Haslemere High Street – a new pop-up gallery has recently opened its doors, with hopes it will become a permanent fixture in town. 

Set up by Marty Farrer-Williams and his wife Britoni, Gallery Thirteen is space for local artists work. 

Gallery Thirteen
Gallery Thirteen owners Marty and Britoni (Socially Alice)

“Affordable, local art – that’s what my tagline should be,” said Marty. “I can’t get my art in a gallery like Clarendon, so thought I would set up somewhere people can get their art up, and others can buy it at actually affordable prices.”

Marty quit his job as an art teacher at Fareham College to open the gallery. He added: “It hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s so amazing and refreshing. I feel free now.” 

Marty will be hosting art classes, including spray painting for kids and lessons on ink, as well as poetry readings in the gallery. Open until the end of January, the gallery at 12-14 West Street, Haslemere is a great spot for some unique Christmas gifts.