It is not often that a new enterprise has to close when it is in profit after three successful years and it is a great disappointment that this has been  the outcome for Performers Together (PT).   

Circumstances combined to end what had begun so well and all those who contributed to those promising Flash and Fringe Festivals must be congratulated.  

We know that Farnham has  rich wealth of talent in the performing arts and  believe that there is no good reason why there should not be support for more such festivals in the future.  

It is clear that without a dedicated venue for live performance, our town will struggle to regain its previous ability to draw audiences from a wide catchment area.

That the directors of PT have decided to pass the company’s remaining finances to the Farnham Theatre Association will be received with huge gratitude. This gift will put us in a stronger position to achieve our aim which is to make the case for a new theatre for Farnham.  

Until that happens,  we will promote the very best of the performing arts available for local residents, through our new website (due to go public very soon).

With grateful thanks to all.

Anne Cooper

Farnham Theatre Association chair

Nutshell Lane, Farnham