Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, Petersfield has it’s first ever town crier!

After a shout out between husband and wife contenders Martin and Faye Thompson of Rival Moor Road for the honorary post, Faye was declared the winner.

The shout out on Saturday in Rams Walk was judged by Petersfield town councillors, James Deane, John Lee’s and Steve Dewey.

Also casting an eye over the contest were Haslemere Town Crier Christian Ashdown, chairman of the Guild of Ancient and Honourable Town Criers, and guild secretary, Bogner Regis Town Crier, Jane Smith.

Faye and Martin were each asked to cry out a proclamation, with Faye having her’s on a scroll, while Martin’s was on a piece of paper.

She already looks the part Martin quipped as Faye stepped up to make her cry-out.

Both were roundly applauded by the crowd gathered in Rams Walk, before Cllr Paul Milner announced the winner, with town mayor Peter Clist adding to the occasion.

The visiting town criers then congratulated Faye -- and commiserated with Martin.

She will now ‘represent the venerable town of Petersfield with pride, honour, and civility.’

Faye will also promote ‘not only the proclamations of the town council, but also the good works of local charities and commerce,’ and give a ‘cheerful welcome to visitors and guests of the town alike.’

And while she is in post she will receive an annual stipend of 300 Guineas (£315) to cover her costs and ensure her costume is kept in good repair.