NEXT Thursday (May 21), the Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale will celebrate Ascension Day online with a special service for all ages which will be available from 7.30pm at

Ascension Day is a Christian festival which takes place 40 days after Easter Sunday, and which celebrates the story of Jesus ascending to heaven as told in the Bible in the book of Acts, Chapter 1.

The Badshot Lea and Hale service will incorporate hymns played on fiddle, double bass and keyboard, along with a story about the impact of Jesus on the life of his disciples and a talk about the impact he still has.

There will be contributions, including prayers and photos, from members of the congregations of the three churches in the parish – St George’s in Badshot Lea and St John’s and St Mark’s in Hale.

Rev’d Lesley Crawley, rector of the parish, said: “We can’t come together physically in church at the moment, but we are enjoying being creative with our online services and welcoming more people, some of whom would not be able to get to ordinary church services.

“Ascension Day celebrates the climax of Jesus’s ministry on earth. He was born, taught his disciples, showed the way to live well, was crucified, rose from the dead and then appeared to the disciples on many occasions. After that he ascended into heaven to be with God the Father.”

Eleven days after Ascension Day comes Pentecost, when the church marks the giving of the Holy Spirit to the disciples and there will be special services that day too.

Lesley Crawley added: “In a sense the time up to Ascension Day was Act one of the story. Act two starts a few days later when the disciples received the Holy Spirit - that sense of God with them all the time - which enabled them to be brave and follow Jesus in loving service to others.

"Act two is still ongoing, with Christians around the world working to help others and love others, to try to be the hands and arms and heart of Jesus today.”

Everyone is welcome to see the service online on Thursday, May 21, from 7.30pm at, on Facebook - - or on the parish YouTube channel -