A RUNAWAY peacock who made its home in Kingswood Firs, in Grayshott, more than a year ago, has been branded a “noisy” pest by neighbours.

Michael Bateman claimed someone must be feeding it to make it want to stay so long, but its piercing early morning cries have upset most of the people living within earshot.

Objectors attempted to persuade Birdworld, at Holt Pond, near Farnham, to offer the bird a des res at the park with fellow peacocks, but they were told it was not possible to adopt it because the company did not know where it came from.

“It’s not aggressive but it’s very noisy now in the early mornings,” Mr Bateman said. “It’s a bit like a cockerel and it upsets older residents. It should be with other peacocks.”

Objectors are appealing to anyone who might have lost a peacock more than a year ago to lose no time in coming to collect it.