Last year’s three captains at Petersfield Golf Club all chose to support local charity The Rosemary Foundation during their year of office. 

Many fundraising activities such as competitions and open days, raffles and coffee mornings all helped raise the grand total of £11,472.61, and a cheque was handed over to Wendy Smith, fundraising manager at the hospice at home care charity.

Former club captain Chris Castle said: “It’s been wonderful to support such a deserving and hard-working local charity,  and a big thank you to all the club members for their generosity over the past 12 months.”

Wendy Smith said: “The Rosemary Foundation provides nurse-led care for patients in their own home, as well as support for their carers.  We are incredibly grateful to captains Jane, Chris and Richard as well as members of the Petersfield Golf Club for raising such a large sum of money on our behalf.”