A LENGTHY debate was recently held at Haslemere Town Council. The topic which rooted the councillors? Allotments. 

Redwood, the developer of Phase 2 Scotland Park, has planning permission from Waverley Borough Council for a change of land use. A small plot of land will now be made into 24 community allotments and orchards, with access off Scotland Lane, with cycle and four car parking spaces. The developer has offered to transfer the land to the council, free of charge, subject to a successful appeal which starts in January 2024.

The council object to the planning application, and while the allotments should have no bearing on the appeal, they worry it could influence the planning officer. Many council members were also suspicious of the timing of the offer with the appeal coming up fast. But with 80 people waiting for allotments, concern was raised that if the council did not say yes, Redwood could give the allotments to someone else. 

It was decided the council would wait until after the appeal to give Redwood their answer.