Voters have been denied their democratic right to vote for their next political representatives in two of Whitehill Town Council’s three wards at the May 4 local elections because of a lack of candidates.

Before a single vote has been cast at this year’s local elections, Whitehill & Bordon Community Party (WBCP) candidates have already been elected uncontested in ten of the town council’s 15 seats, meaning the residents' group will retain control of the town council for another four years.

And in the only ward going to a poll, Whitehill Hogmoor and Greatham, the choice to fill the ward’s five seats is between five WBCP candidates, and Adam Carew, a past-Lib Dem and Conservative town councillor standing as an independent.

Not a single Conservative, Lib Dem, Labour or Green Party candidate is running for Whitehill Town Council – with the established parties instead targeting district council seats.

Uncontested and contested seats at Whitehill Town Council on May 4:

Whitehill Chase (seven seats – uncontested):

Margaret Clark (Whitehill & Bordon Community Party – WBCP) ELECTED


James Fryer (WBCP) ELECTED


Bisi Kennard (WBCP) ELECTED



Whitehill Pinewood (three seats – uncontested):

Kingsley Scott (WBCP) ELECTED

Adeel Shah (WBCP)  ELECTED

Joe Stickland (WBCP) ELECTED

Whitehill Hogmoor and Greatham (five seats – contested):

Adam Carew (Independent) 

Linda Delve (WBCP)

Lynn Malikoff-Jonston (WBCP)

Kirsty Mitchell (WBCP)

Roger Russell (WBCP)

Mike Steevens (WBCP)