Supporters of Guildford based charity, the Prostate Project have raised more than £200,000 in just over 18 months for a mobile blood testing unit that will be operated by the NHS.

The ‘Man Van’ as it is affectionately known, will be visiting events, sports grounds, shopping centres and workplaces across Surrey and West Sussex, taking testing into the heart of every community. 

Charity Chair, Alf Turner said: “Every man over the age of 50 has a right to a free PSA Blood test. Prostate cancer kills over 12,000 men every year in the UK and, the truth is, we can save and prolong many of these lives with early detection.

"It is important to dispel myths about the test, it really is as simple as any other blood test, but it is especially important because in the early stages of the illness there are often no symptoms, but if caught early enough it is very treatable, and this is why we encourage every man over 50 to get tested."

For more information about the Prostate Project and for help and support for people and families going through prostate cancer treatment, please visit their website.