Around 150 people turned out to hear a talk on John Tyndall, the leading 19th-century physicist and Haslemere resident whose investigation of greenhouse gases laid the foundations for climate science.

The talk was given by eminent science educator Sir Roland Jackson, former head of the Science Museum.

In his talk titled John Tyndall, provocative natural philosopher, Sir Roland told the story of Tyndall's life, from humble beginnings in Ireland to leading experimental scientist and intellectual who moved in circles with Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

He also recounted Tyndall's pioneering mountain climbing exploits, including being the first to traverse the Matterhorn.

To coincide with the event, Tyndall's gravestone in St Bartholomew's Church graveyard was restored by Transition Haslemere and the Haslemere Society, who also organised the talk. Sir Roland joined the ceremony to reconsecrate the grave.

Clive Davidson, chair of Transition Haslemere, said: “Sir Roland Jackson brought the remarkable character of John Tyndall to life and made clear his enormous achievements across a wide range of scientific and social issues.

“The fact that 150 years ago a Haslemere resident identified the consequences on climate of pouring huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the air should give us pause for thought.”

Left to right: Chris Harrison, chairman, Haslemere Society; Sir Roland Jackson; Clive Davidson, chair,  Transition Haslemere
Left to right: Chris Harrison, chairman, Haslemere Society; Sir Roland Jackson; Clive Davidson, chair, Transition Haslemere (Transition Haslemere)

Learn about agroecology

Edwin Brooks, agroecological farmer and founder of Ed’s Veg, is leading two courses on agroecological vegetable growing.

The first on Sunday, April 14 is an introductory course on the basics of growing food, chemical-free, with foolproof ways to plan and execute an edible garden.

The second, a Agroecological Veg Growing Success course on Sunday, April 21, is for experienced growers or those who have completed the introductory course.

Both courses are at Devil’s Lane Market Garden, Liphook.

The cost per course is £80 or £140 for couples, including refreshments and vegetarian lunch. You can find more information at or email [email protected].

Agroecology is sustainable farming that works with nature. Ecology studies relationships between plants, animals, people, and their environment – and the balance between these relationships. Agroecology is the application of ecological concepts and principles in farming.

By Clive Davidson, Chair, Transition Haslemere