PEOPLE across the Petersfield and Haslemere areas are being encouraged to offer support to Ukrainian families starting a new life here in the UK.

A group has been set up in Petersfield and Haslemere to help those who have had their lives turned upside down by the Russian invasion.

‘To A Loving Home’ is a new Facebook group organised by Liphook mum-of-four Jessica Heagren.

The group gives people in the local community the chance to make donations ahead of Ukrainian families setting up home in Petersfield, Haslemere and the surrounding villages. More than 350 people have already joined the group to show their support.

Whether it’s donating food, clothing, medical supplies, or even offering support to enable people to learn English and communicate with others, it will all go a long way to providing a strong start to life in the UK for those who have been forced to flee war in their home country.

Jessica said: “The crisis unfolding in Ukraine is absolutely heartbreaking and from afar it can make us feel helpless.

“Yet we live in an incredibly affluent area where we all have so much to give.

“We know people want to help, especially following such an incredible response to a refugee family that recently asked for help.

“But we are also very aware not everyone will be able to offer a new home to these families and will want to be able to help in other ways.

“Therefore, ahead of families volunteering to house Ukrainian refugees, we’re trying to capture donations now so that we can help set them up.”

In addition to donations, organisers are also looking for support from food banks as well as anyone involved in Ukrainian meet-up groups that might be able to help families feel more settled when they arrive.

Jessica added: “This is a real opportunity to do our bit to make life that little bit easier for people going through an incredibly difficult time. If you can help please get in touch.”

To get involved, find the ‘To A Loving Home’ group on Facebook or email [email protected]