Town council brings some Christmas sparkle to town

The festivities have arrived in the town centre ()

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WHITEHILL Town Council has answered residents’ Christmas wishes by injecting some sparkle into the town’s festive decorations.

The council has put Christmas trees in planters at either end of the town at Sutton Field and at Station Road crossroads near the Eco Station.

Town council leader Andy Tree thanked Whitehill & Bordon Town Partnership for putting up the trees, and Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company for contributing to the cost.

He added: “It’s a small start, but the council was determined improve on previous years’ decorations and will also be working on plans for the longer term.

“Bordon and Whitehill residents deserve proper Christmas decorations and we heard this message loud and clear!”

The council is also celebrating National Tree Week that runs from November 28 to December 6 .

Whitehill town councillor Tina Strickland – who serves as chairman of the Greenspace Sub-Committee and is nominated to become deputy leader of the council next Thursday – recognised the oldest tree in Whitehill & Bordon and Lindford.

She said: “The ‘King Oak’ of Bordon Inclosure is estimated to be around 500 years old.

“I have loved it since I was a child and still touch base with it most days. Of course, then it was just the ‘big tree in the woods!’

“Today it is known by a few names ... the Fairy Tree, King Oak, Great Oak.

“Whatever you know it as, its importance to our community is increasing daily, as we place ever more value on our green spaces at this time of development.

“It is under the control of Whitehill Town Council, which is undertaking measures to protect it and ensure today’s children can show their children the ‘big tree in the woods’!”


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