Diana Tennyson – the tree warden co-ordinator for Medstead, Four Marks, Chawton and Newton Valence – is reminding people of the importance of looking after trees.

She stressed that even unprotected trees absorb excess rainwater, provide shade and are important wildlife habitats.

Diana added: “It is likely we will have more extreme weather events to cope with and important that all residents look at trees planted on developments, housing estates and recreation grounds, and ensure they are all watered regularly during this very hot weather.

“Significant rainfall to remedy the situation is not expected for some time, and while we enjoy the warm weather it is important to check on trees and landscaping in all areas of East Hampshire.

“This includes tree planting and landscaping by developers, as some are unfortunately very lax about maintenance and watering.”

She also wanted people to care for wildlife in hot weather.

Diana said: “It’s important to put out water for garden birds and hedgehogs, a pebble dish with water for bees and small insects, and a larger container of water for deer and badgers.”