A new home is being urgently sought for a Ukrainian family facing potential homelessness later this month.

Olga, her mother Tatyana, and her two children, along with their Jack Russell terrier, Peach, have been living happily in a house in Lower Froyle for almost a year.

However, the family must leave the property by the end of March and are yet to secure alternative accommodation.

Last month, we reported on the search for new sponsored accommodation for four Ukrainian families in the area.

While Liubov, Tetiana, Krystina, Olha, Veronika, and Anna have all found new homes, Olga and her family have not been so fortunate.

As a psychotherapist, Olga regularly holds Zoom meetings to support the mental health of fellow Ukrainians who have been traumatised by the war.

However, she is now in desperate need of help herself. The family is willing to separate if necessary, with Tatyana moving to separate accommodation.

The Homes for Ukraine scheme, run by the government, offers financial recompense for a minimum of six months’ sponsorship. 

However, shorter-term arrangements are also being considered.

In Hampshire, from March, a ‘thank-you’ payment of £500 per month will be paid to sponsor families, irrespective of how long their guests have been in the UK.

In a letter to the Herald, printed in full on this week’s letters pages, Sheila John is appealing to anyone who may be able to offer the family a spare room, annexe, garage or flat to come forward.

She stresses that any help will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with love, friendship, and gratitude.

Those interested in helping can contact Ukraine-Alton Mutual Aid through WhatsApp, Facebook, or by calling 07811 217744 or 07767 301385.