Jingle bells heralded the arrival of Father Christmas in Folly Hill on Monday evening – as Farnham’s 2022 Santa’s Sleigh tour got under way in aid of Farnham Food Bank.

Santa, Rudolph and the elves are busy getting ready for Christmas – but will be sparing some time to visit the streets of Farnham this December, supported by volunteers from Farnham Round Table.

Santa’s Sleigh will pass through the area over six days between Monday, December 5 and Wednesday, December 21, accompanied by Christmas music and street collections for the Food Bank.

The first night of the tour took place in Folly Hill, with many families stepping out of their homes to watch Santa pass by their doorsteps – and one little girl with chickenpox waving from her bedroom window.

Generous onlookers also donated around £700 to the Round Table’s street collection, as well as several bags of tinned food for Farnham Food Bank.

One of the Round Table’s more ingenious elves has also set up the Santa Tracker so people will be able to track Santa on his route via some festive magic!

This year’s Farnham Round Table Santa’s Sleigh tour will continue as follows:

Typically Santa starts on his route about 6pm, finishing by about 7.30pm.

Farnham Round Table chairman Richard Foster said: “We’re going to be joined once again by local schools and scout groups to help spread Christmas cheer but also to raise money for the Farnham Foodbank.

“Although we are collecting cash on the night, we’re more than happy for generous individuals to contribute online via the Farnham Food Bank website.

“Your donation will help the Farnham Foodbank provide emergency food to people in crisis across our local area. In addition, through local partnerships it will help people access advice on debt reduction and money management which are often challenges which drive people to food banks in the first place.

“In 2021, Farnham Round Table raised more than £4,000 for Farnham Food Bank. We see that contributing to this great cause is even more important at this time of the year.”

Farnham Round Table’s Santa’s Sleigh – as well as events such as Farnham Fireworks, Charity Bike Ride and Christmas tree deliveries – are only made possible each year thanks to the efforts of volunteers.

Any men aged 18 to 45 interested in finding out what the sociable club is all about, are very welcome to come along to a meeting (all of which are held in local pubs over a few beers!).

To find out more or get in touch, visit the club website https://farnhamroundtable.org.uk/

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