TOUGHER GCSEs posed no problems at Woolmer Hill School, which reported “excellent” results.

A record number of students got 9s this year, putting them amongst the top five per cent of performers in the country.

Standout achievers were Robin Wallond and Olivia Gray, who got 13 grade 9s between them.

English and maths continue to be “exceptionally strong”, and they exceeded the targets set.

Science results were impressive, too, with 100 per cent of students getting 4 or above in biology, chemistry and physics.

Students also continue to excel in art with 97 per cent getting 4 or above.

Woolmer Hill pupils exceeded expectations, making better than expected progress across the board.

Congratulating students on their hard work, headteacher Clare Talbot said: “As always, I am very proud of our students and delighted for their achievements.

“We wish them all the very best as they move onto the next exciting chapter in their education and their lives”