Windsor Dames 14 Farnham Falcons 69

League leaders Farnham Falcons demolished second-placed Windsor Dames on Sunday, in a match likely to decide who wins promotion this season. 

During the warm-up, team coach Jacko Jackson reminded everyone of the importance of keeping to the structures and systems on which the women had been training so hard in recent weeks.  

His team followed the instructions to the letter.

However, the match did not start well for the visitors. At the kick off a Falcon suffered an unfortunate leg injury as she received the ball. 

The game was paused and eventually moved to an adjacent pitch to continue.

Nevertheless, and perhaps with their injured comrade in mind, the Falcons went on to dominate possession in the first half. 

Their attacks – based on quick ruck ball – varied between their speedy outside backs and their strong direct-running forwards. The net result was to score five tries and reach half-time 31-0 ahead.

There were more tries for the Falcons in the second half including one from the half’s restart where the chasers regathered the ball in the Windsor half, quickly recycled and freed the runners.  

This was followed by another from the forwards after a clever short line-out move. 

The backs then went on to score a further four tries as the Falcons proved their skill at moving the ball wide.  

With such a commanding lead, the Falcons’ collective foot came off the gas a little, allowing Windsor Dames to retain some possession and score two late consolation tries. 

Zoe Robinson successfully converted seven of the Falcons’ tries that were scored by Jo Eles, Lily Ghuselings and skipper Courtney Trodd, with two each for Emma Mortimer, Rosie Peet, Amy Wadmore and Ella Wilson.

Bob Peet