Stagecoach Performing Arts students showcased their talents at an end-of-term performance judged by BBC Gladiator Phantom and broadcast presenter Hayley Palmer. 

The students aged between six and 18 held the Stagecoach has Talent competition at St Catherine’s School in Bramley, taking part in group and solo performances blending elements of drama, dance and singing.

Judge Hayley Palmer is known for her work in television and radio, including shows with Love Sport Radio, BBC Radio, GB News, and Sky TV. Joining Palmer was Toby Olubi, also known as Phantom from the BBC show Gladiators.

Grant Clarke, principal of Stagecoach Performing Arts in Godalming, said: “It was an amazing day. The students worked extremely hard on their performances and I'm so proud of the result. It was great for the students to perform in front of Hayley and Toby, and we are so thankful that they were happy to take part.”

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