At the church of the Good Shepherd in Dockenfield there’s been a murder. Can you help to solve it?

If so, be there on one evening between June 15 and 18 ready to exercise your ‘little grey cells’, as Poirot would say.

A group of people, specially chosen, have embarked on a cruise in the Aegean Sea. Everything is going well until tragedy strikes. Terror reigns; who can be trusted?

Set in the 1920s the play has all the glamour of the jazz age – cocktails, the Charleston and an exotic cruise.

Inspector Featherstonhaugh, a chief inspector from Scotland Yard, is despatched to solve the crime – but is he up to the job?

There’s only one way to find out…

The idea occurred to the author, Hilary Lee-Corbin, as she was on a cruise on a tall ship in the Aegean Sea and some of the characters are drawn from people she met there.

Readers may recall she directed the Noel Coward one-act plays at Frensham just before the country went into lock down.

The title for this play – Murder at Dockenfield: Gordian Knot – is taken from the myth about Alexander the Great who was supposed to have untied an intricate knot with its ends hidden, at a place called Gordium, by slashing it with his sword. Legend has it that it could only be untied by the future conqueror of Asia.

Nowadays a ‘Gordian Knot’ is a metaphor for a highly-complex problem.

Hilary says: “Come along, see if you can solve it and enjoy savoury and sweet canapes into the bargain – it’s all in for the price of a ticket.

“If the last play is anything to go by, the tickets will vanish quickly so make sure you don’t miss out. The proceeds will go towards the church and to a fund for the refugees from Ukraine.”

To book tickets visit, or phone 01252 793138.