THERE have been renewed calls to make greater use of the Chase Hospital in Bordon.

Patient Eric Birkett posted concerns about activity there on the Nextdoor Whitehill & Bordon website after treatment in the physiotherapy unit on September 15.

Mr Birkett, from Headley, said: "I applaud the cheerful way in which I encountered two physiotherapists and a receptionist. I did not see any other persons on the premises apart from the next patient for physio.

"This brings me to my main contention in this building - the lack of its use for facilities that the town is waiting for, the medical hub and other medical uses.

"It is still named as the Chase Hospital, so why is it not being used as such?

"Believe me, it really is quite peculiar to be in a building with so few people in it - a disgrace to be quite honest."

His comments were echoed by others on the site. Jane Day, of Whitehill & Bordon, said she had to travel "all the way to Alton Hospital" for treatment previously available at the Chase.

Graham Walder, from Headley, added: "It could have been used to set up for the Covid jab rather than clog up the local doctors’ surgery."

And Carol Parlane, of Whitehill & Bordon, said: "Why isn’t there more of a fight being made for this hospital to become a medical centre? Or is it more valuable as yet another site for a mini housing estate?

"Bordon is growing so much that it’s now pretty much impossible to get a doctor’s appointment at a surgery you have been going to for over 20 years. We need a health hub, not in five years’ time when the houses have all been built, but now. Chase Hospital is there, why build another place?"

Gwyneth Rushton, of Selborne, said the Chase was "tailor made" for Bordon.

Whitehill Town Council leader Cllr Andy Tree said: "Whether the health hub is built or not will surely affect where NHS services are provided for in Whitehill & Bordon, as Chase Hospital could surely not co-exist with it when it has been run down as it is.

"Therefore it must surely be a choice between Chase or health hub, and none of us yet know the precise health hub plans to even know if they are good or bad. One thing is for sure - the current level of services run out of Chase Hospital is unacceptable to residents in a growing town."