LOBBYING by campaign group No Wey Incinerator has resulted in Hampshire County Council deciding to take its regulatory committee on a second site visit as it considers Veolia’s bid for a burner in the Wey Valley off the A31 near Alton.

This will include a tour of significant local viewpoints. Last year members visited the site – where Veolia’s recycling facility is now – but not the surrounding area to see how a building larger than Winchester Cathedral would affect the rural landscape.

No Wey spokesman Ben Stanbury said: “Landscape and inappropriate development in this rural area were a critical part of the objections of thousands of local residents who live and work here and use the countryside for recreation.

“Objections were also raised by the South Downs National Park, as several viewpoints are within the park boundaries, and CPRE Hampshire has designated the area as ‘valued landscape’, giving it protection under national planning policy.

“Historic England says the development would damage a historic rural setting and that there must be clear and convincing justification for any harm to a designated heritage asset. Development would also have a catastrophic impact on local businesses.

“By visiting all the viewpoints selected members will be able to fully appreciate that the rural Wey Valley is a completely inappropriate setting for such a development on this enormous scale.”

The committee will debate the plan on February 23 at 10am. No Wey wants people considering speaking to instead email their concerns to [email protected] so its deputation can make best use of the hour given to present its case.

Mr Stanbury said: “We have lined up a very strong team of well-informed speakers who will cover all the issues.”