Farnham-based charity Post19 is preparing for its last craft fair of the year on Sunday, October 29.

The charity supporting young adults with learning difficulties will host a stall at the West Street Artist & Makers' Market in Farnham from 10am to 4pm. 

Alex D, who helped at the last West Street fair, said: "I liked using the card reader and taking the money. Putting the price tags on, talking to people, and giving out the leaflets."

The fair is the perfect opportunity to purchase gifts for friends and family for Christmas, and all the items are handmade by young adults involved with the organisation. 

Vicky Mollart, who runs screen-printing workshops at Post19, said: "Having a stall at craft markets offers a supportive opportunity for the young people to promote and sell their work and practise social, money and communication skills. It also involves them in the local community."

Post19 teaches its users to create various pieces, including cushions, tea towels, bags, cards, and more. Enterprise 19, the charity's sister organisation, acts as an online store for all other items designed, made or hand-printed by the young adults accessing the charity's services. 

"I feel happy when people buy my tea towels, deckchairs and cushions with my flowers on, and I enjoy screen printing and putting my drawings of flowers that we print onto the material," Finlay said, speaking about his creations. 

Joe added: "I like sewing my cushions on the sewing machine, and flowers are the best. I like drawing flowers. I feel good, proud and better when people buy my designs, and I am good at screen printing and like printing my designs."

Having their designs and creations sold at these events and online builds on existing skills, teaches young adults new skills and sparks new interests. They feel happier and become more confident in themselves,  showing them that differences shouldn't stop them from doing what they enjoy.

"I feel happy and proud. I don't mind my work being sold, and people like my seagull designs. I feel like a talented artist creating masterpieces and enjoy drawing and printing my designs," John said of the experience. 

"The whole creation process is the fun part of it as well as making it, but the creating is the most enjoyable and having my work sold is fun but also nerve-wracking.

"There is a small chance that someone might really love it, but there may be people who are not interested, but that's ok too. It shouldn't put you off creating things.

"It shows people that you can have differences and problems doing things, but some people can really excel at art and creation, and this is an opportunity to show what we can do," Chloe said, reflecting on the process. 

Anyone who would like to help at the fair should contact Vicky Mollart at [email protected] or visit her at St James' House in East Street, Farnham.

For general information, visit https://www.post19.com/

By Michelle Monaghan