WOOLMER Hill School has launched a consultation with staff, parents and stakeholders on forming a multi-academy trust which will run until next month.

Three Farnham-based schools – Weydon, Heath End and The Ridgeway – are being lined up as partners. In the new Weydon Multi-Academy Trust, governors from each of the four schools would create a board of trustees.

Announcing the consultation which runs until Monday, July 11, the schools issued a statement which read: “Our vision will be to inspire a community of learners not just those in any one school.

• “Each school with contribute its own strengths and together we will build intellectual capacity and share good practice from different contexts.

“Together the trust hopes to seize the financial sustainability and efficiency agenda and increase our investments opportunities and in doing so raise standards and performance across all of the schools.

“The multi-academy trust movement is growing rapidly across the country and as a group of schools we are keen to be part of a dynamic, forward thinking agenda.

“All our schools will remain distinctive in terms of the ethos and admission criteria; however we will actively seek opportunities to work together whenever possible to ensure the best for the students in our community.”

• For details go to www.education.gov.uk/academies