In 1992, David Payne closed his picture framing shop (Direct Frames) on Alton’s High Street to pursue an acting career in the USA.

It was a risky move but one that paid off as he now tours the US with his one-man shows Churchill and An Evening With Cs Lewis.

Such has been his impact in the US, he now performs more than 100 shows a year.

An earlier YouTube version of his CS Lewis show titled My Life’s Journey has garnered more than two million views.

He has never performed Churchill in the UK so why did he choose such a modest venue as the Assembly Rooms for the first performance? “Because it was where I did my first UK performance of An Evening with CS Lewis,” he said.

“And because I still have family and friends who live in the area.’

What can be expected at this one-man show?

Peppered withthe wry humour the British politician was famous for, he reflects on the events and people that shaped his life.

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