A one-day art exhibition, Harvesting the Light, is being held on Saturday, July 29 at the Farnham Memorial Hall on West Street.

The vibrant oil paintings are the work of Farnham-based artist Margie O’Brien, who has exhibited widely including in South Africa, California, Austria and the UK.

The paintings are a visual feast which celebrate the joy of nature’s abundance, the transience of ripening and the beauty of quirky imperfections.

All the paintings – except one – have been painted by composing the actual fruit or vegetables in particular settings and lighting conditions and then painting by observation.

The one exception was ‘composed’ using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software program, following word prompts as directives.

Margie then copied this resultant AI-generated image on to canvas and painted it. This piece is hung in the show and it would be a fun exercise for families to try to identify which painting it is!

The exhibition is open from 10am until 5.30pm and free parking is available on site.