As part of the Fernhurst Hub’s Green initiative it held its first Fashion Exchange with great success on Wednesday, October 11. 

Sophie Crawford, one of the event organisers said: “We must all stop buying so many new clothes. This has been a wonderful evening and a fun way to recycle perfectly lovely clothes and avoid them going in to the ever growing landfill.”

Fernhurst Hub
Claire Marchant, Ellie Kinnear & Vicky St Johnston (Fernhurst Hub)

All items left at the end were donated to the Midhurst Macmillan shop.

The Fernhurst Hub’s team of volunteers also assessed and repaired a range of broken or ancient items last Saturday. 

Manager Liz Rawlings explained: “We are delighted to stop broken electrical and mechanical devices being sent to landfill but people are also bringing in items from jewellery to lamps which they have inherited in a bad state but which they can’t bear to throw away.”

Assistant manager Pauline Colcutt said: “We couldn’t host this event without our amazing repairers, it is incredible what talent there is in this village.”