A young badger from Shepherd’s Hill, Haslemere, had a lucky escape after falling into an electricity substation.

The animal managed to get caught head-first under some metalwork and couldn’t get free.

His distressed cries were heard by two walkers passing by and they quickly called the local RSPCA to report the problem.

RSPCA secretary and local resident John Leston came out to investigate and upon seeing the struggling badger he contacted the national branch who sent out an officer.

After conversing with Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to have safe access to the station, all parties worked together and successfully freed the badger.

John said: “The badger owes his life to the members of the public who took the time to Google Haslemere RSPCA’s contact details.

“Great help from SSEN and the RSPCA national team.

“I am so glad that this story had a happy ending.”

The badger had minor injuries and is now recuperating at a wildlife centre before returning to the wild.