After a hugely successful eight years in the role, Hale Community Centre manager Cathy Burroughs will be leaving for pastures new in the middle of this year.

During her tenure, Cathy has transformed the centre’s role in the community, making it a vital hub for families and people of all ages in north Farnham.

Ever since her arrival in 2015, Cathy has been dedicated to expanding the range of activities and facilities operating out of the centre, which now range from baby groups to seniors’ coffee mornings, community gardening, a Girlz Club and cooking sessions.

In April 2018, Cathy led a consultation with the surrounding community to change the name and focus of the centre from the Sandy Hill Bungalow to Hale Community Centre.

Her goal was to make the centre more inclusive and to be at the heart of the community, providing a sustainable, secure and welcoming space that is valued and supported by the people of Upper Hale and the surrounding area.

Hale Community Centre

It went on to play a vital role during the Covid lockdowns, launching the Hale Community Fridge and Cupboard in August 2020, aimed at reducing food waste by partnering with local supermarkets, sharing out surplus that would have gone to landfill – as well as a ‘Share Farnham’ safe exchange of toys, books, DVDs and more.

And in May 2021, the centre was awarded the Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate of Recognition in appreciation of its service to the local community during the Covid lockdowns.

Another key landmark of Cathy’s tenure was the launch of a new dedicated youth centre, The Shed, in May 2022.

Norma Corkish, chairman of the Hale Community Centre board of trustees, said: “Hale Community Centre is so much a reflection of the work of Cathy that it is very difficult to envisage the centre without her. But that is what will happen in the middle of this year when she will be leaving us for the next episode in her life.

“She will be greatly missed as she has and is doing a tremendous job in running and supporting the community centre and the local community.”

The board of trustees is now advertising for Cathy’s replacement. If you are interested in the role and the work of the centre, contact Norma Corkish at [email protected] or ring 07764 613393 for a chat.