Hankley Common will be closed for military exercises for almost two months starting on Monday (February 13).

The closure is expected to last until April 10 and will result in significantly increased military training activities, including low-level flying by Chinook helicopters.

The public bridleways will remain open, but all other tracks and areas will be closed to the public.

It is advised and requested that people use other commons, such as Thursley, Elstead, Puttenham, Frensham and the Devil’s Punchbowl, during this period.

In the event of incidents or accidents on Hankley Common, people are advised to dial 999 for fire or criminal acts in progress. To report evidence of a crime, people should call 101, and for assistance from the Ministry of Defence or MoD Police, the MoD Ops Room can be reached at 01420 483405/3407.

Hankley Common has been the location of several famous film sets, including the James Bond film Skyfall, and is a popular spot for dog walkers.

The MoD says the closure is necessary for the training of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (SD) in support of a “partner nation”.

The closure of Hankley Common is in accordance with the Surrey Commons Military Lands Byelaws 1978 and the public is encouraged to comply with troops’ instructions during the period of increased military training activities.