TOWN charity arts project Haslemere Hares has been given a boost by Rodborough School, Milford, which has not only decorated five models, but has also developed a treasure hunt app as the perfect summer holiday entertainment.

Thanks to Rodborough’s head of computing Matt Toombs and four school prefect “geeks”, it is now possible to download the HUNTZZ app Haslemere Hares Hunt and follow the clues around the High Street to correctly complete a sentence that could win you a prize.

Haslemere Hares joint co-ordinator Melissa King said: “Rodborough have been very supportive of the project, from decorating five hares, including the giant five-foot hare on the roof of the museum porch, to creating this app. ”

Mr Toombs added: “From my point of view, it looked like a great opportunity to get our youngsters involved in a worthwhile community project, and develop some new skills to boot.

“I worked with four computing prefects to create a series of questions and answers to form a treasure hunt. We then worked with HUNTZZ to put this into xml code, and then into their app framework.

“It was a good taste of the ups and downs and working in teams that the team would experience in the real world.”