We were recently shown an exhibition by Cala Homes of the latest proposed development on the land at Coxbridge Farm on West Street.

The plans now shown have a serious deviation from the ‘Development Guidance’ in the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan ref FNP14g relating to the above development.

An important part of that ‘Guidance’ determined that the boundary of the new housing backing onto existing properties in Hazell Road should have ‘quote’: “A sufficient green buffer must be provided to the rear of Hazel(l) Road by way of long back gardens backing on to existing gardens to minimise visual and amenity impact on existing properties.”

The new plans from Cala Homes show a complete contravention of this requirement, indeed the plans now shown indicate a complete reversal of this having the shortest gardens, and the highest density housing, on the development in this location.

Cala Homes should not be allowed to proceed with this development in this form, so clearly and blatantly, at variance with the Neighbourhood Plan.

No doubt the developers will get their way, they always do, but this completely negates the value of the agreed Neighbourhood Plan.

David & Sue Daines

Hazell Road, Farnham