A PILLAR of Haslemere, Hindhead and Churt retires next Friday.

Street cleaner Mick White, now aged 71, has been working on weekdays from 5.30am to 2pm for 18 years to make sure the large area he covers is looking spick and span, as part of Waverley Borough Council’s waste contracting team.

Born in Haslemere, he previously spent 28 years working at Haslemere laundry in Wey Hill.

He delayed his retirement in 2012, because he enjoyed his street cleaning job, but with winter approaching decided the time was now right to retire.

“I have enjoyed it,” Mick said. “I’ve enjoyed meeting all the people the most. I’m always meeting someone new.

“People come up to me in the street and thank me for what I’ve done.

“I’ve now got someone I’m teaching the ropes to. I’m 71 and I couldn’t get through another winter getting padded up and soaked through.”

Grateful Haslemere town councillors and staff presented Mick with a retirement gift. Town mayor David Round said: “Mick has done a fabulous job.”