A final selection of ED Abbott employee photographs for readers to identify for Len Huff and his upcoming book on the well-known Wrecclesham car manufacturer and coachbuilder.

As before, if you can name any of the assembled faces in these images of company social events and a group in front of the showrooms, please do get in touch with Len, either via email [email protected] or by post to Apartment 35, Gorseway Park, Hayling Island, PO11 0BA.

The photograph of the four employees seated by a brick wall at Wrecclesham is a new image that Mr Huff has just received and he writes: “This is one of the fine photographs that came with the collection of Abbott research material that Peter Minett of Hale handed to me a few weeks ago.

“I just love this photograph – it is just so clear and full of character!

“The photograph was said to have been taken around 1955, but I think it’s a year later for there is part of a Mk2 Zephyr estate front grille in the far right-hand corner and that was not around in 1955, I think I am right in saying.

“The fellow closest to the camera is Jack Davis and the employee furthest from the camera is Charlie Terrell, from the trim shop, but I would love to find the names of the two chaps between Jack and Charlie.

“Jack Davis’ footwear is interesting – hob-nailed shoes. I wonder what department he worked in?”

Len would like to thank all those who have contacted him about the previous items here and ask you to describe which image you are referring to (we can’t name them because we just don’t have those details).