THE JOURNEY has been a long one but it appears progress is being made on plans to improve safety on a Petersfield road associated with speeding and accidents.

The public information event to showcase possible changes to Pulens Lane has been called a success with scores of people attending last Wednesday’s event at Penns Place.

Pinch-points, reduced speed limits, raised junctions and a new gateway have all been proposed after months of input from a strategy group consisting of national park representatives and county, district and town councillors.

The scheme has been split into four with work beginning on the Rival Moor Road to Durford crossroads section earmarked to start in early 2025 if everything goes to plan.

But work will only begin on the other three sections once funding has been secured while some proposals appear to be dependent on the approval of a lower 20mph limit.

One of the most eye-catching facets include a new build-out gateway at the Pulens Lane and Rival Moor Road junction with the road being curved to give priority to the latter.

The notorious Durford Road crossroads could be raised with the corner of the Heath being enhanced to include new signs, bollards, a gravel surface and benches.

Several pinch-points are planned – including one by the Tilford Brook corner – while northbound traffic could be banned from turning right onto London Road.

Feedback seemed generally positive at Penns Place last week with nearby resident Tom Morris calling the proposals “broadly good”.

He added: “I’ve noticed they’ve got get-out clauses as there’s a crossing by the brook but it says subject to 20mph being rolled out.

“There’s not many improvements for cyclists, either. Me and my family have been knocked off on (the heath section) a couple of times so we’ve stopped using it.”

“I like the idea for Rival Moor Road and that looks like a goer but I haven’t quite made sense of the raised table, though,” said Kath Harley.

County councillor Russell Oppenheimer claimed similar schemes could be rolled out throughout the town if there was enough support while Cllr Rob Mocatta was pleased with the turnout and input.

He said: “It’s good to get engagement because the more we get the better. We think we’ve got a workable scheme.”

The plans will be on show in Petersfield Town Hall foyer and can also be seen and commented on at