As has happened before, the worry of the organisers of the Harting Horticultural Society’s spring show was that, because of the poor weather, would the event be a success?

We need not have been concerned as despite the heavy winds and thrashing rain, there were plenty of spring flower exhibits, cookery, craft and photographs to interest everybody.  

The refreshment counter was very popular with folk tucking into home-made cake, as was the produce stall.

Cynthia Clue

74th Harting Horticultural Society Spring Show Results

Lady Wallace Challenge Cup: 1, Cynthia Clue; 2, Juliet Pugh.

Section 1: Narcissi

Vase of narcissi trumpet five flowers: 1, Janice Robinson; 2, Rosie Troubridge; 3, Clare Twiss; Highly commended: Cynthia Clue.

Vase of narcissi long-cupped five flowers, one flower each: 1, Rosie Troubridge; 2, John Villars; 3, Clare Twiss.

Vase of narcissi three stems more than one flower each: Juliet Pugh.

Vase of narcissi short-cupped five, one flower each: Juliet Pugh.

Vase of narcissi double five, one flower each stem: 1, Juliet Pugh; 2, C Cunningham; 3, Cynthia Clue.

Vase of narcissi split corona three, one flower each stem: Cynthia Clue.

Vase of narcissi miniature three, one or more flowers: 1, Tim Bonner; 2, John Villars; 3, Pru Barlow.

Narcissi trumpet one specimen: 1, Clare Twiss; 2, Sunny Dawson; 3, Rosie Troubridge.

Narcissi long-cupped one specimen: 1, Pru Barlow; 2, Cynthia Clue; 3, Heather Shearing.

Narcissi short-cupped one specimen: 1, Janet Swift; 2, Heather Shearing.

Narcissi double one specimen, one flower per stem: Cynthia Clue.

Narcissi more than one flower per stem, one specimen: Janice Robinson.

Narcissi miniature one specimen: 1, Tim Bonner; 2, Cynthia Clue.

Charles Cooper Challenge Cup: 1, Clare Twiss; 2, Joyce Whatley.

Section 2: Spring flowers

Hyacinth, one flower in vase or bowl: 1, Joyce Whatley; 2, Jane Thwaites.

Vase of polyanthus, primroses, primula: 1, Clare Twiss; 2, Tim Bonner; 3, Juliet Pugh.

Vase or bowl of anemones: 3, Sunny Dawson.

Vase or bowl of hellebores: 1, Clare Twiss; 2, Janet Swift; 3, C Cunningham.

Small vase of mixed spring flowers: 1, Kim Archer; 2, Jane Thwaites; 3, Clare Twiss.

Vase or bowl of any other flower not mentioned: 1, Cynthia Clue; 2, Heather Shearing.

Vase of flowering shrubs or trees, one cultivar, three sprays: 1, John Villars; 2, Viv de Beer.

Any flowering or foliage pot plants, maximum diameter 230mm: 1, Rosie Troubridge; 2, Joyce Whatley; 3, Cynthia Clue      .

Reg Budd Memorial Cup For Best Exhibit: Janice Robinson.

The President’s Cup: 1, Jane Healey; 2, Ruth Bonner.

Section 3

Spring, an exhibit (accessories allowed): Sarah Green.

Spring flowers (arrangement in decorated jam jar): 1, Heather Shearing; 2, Ruth Bonner; 3, Linda Hayward.

Ukrainian bread, paska, one loaf, recipe provided: 1, Heather Shearing; 2, Linda Hayward; 3, Jane Healey.

Simnel loaf cake, recipe provided: 1, Heather Shearing; 2, Brenda Villars; 3, Jane Thwaites/Ruth Bonner.

Chocolate and walnut cookies, three on a plate: 1, Ruth Bonner; 2, Jane Healey; 3, Brenda Villars.

Savoury scones, three on a plate: 1, Ruth Bonner; 2, C Cunningham; 3, Linda Hayward.

Leek and cheese tart using home-made pastry: 1, Ruth Bonner; 2, Linda Hayward; 3, Lucy Aspinall.

Men only, soda bread, recipe supplied: John Bennett.

Chutney, relish or pickle in a jar: 1, Jane Healey; 2, Ruth Bonner.

Marmalade in a jar: 1, Jane Healey; 2, C Cunningham; 3, John Villars.

Rhubarb, three sticks: Jane Healey.

Four eggs on a plate, home produced: 1, Jane Healey; 2, Linda Hayward ; 3,  Pru Barlow.

Piece of handiwork in any medium: 1, Tim Bonner; 2, Jane Tancock; 3, Heather Shearing.


Photography, something beginning with L: 1, Kim Archer; 2, Jane Healey; 3, Tim Bonner.

“Wild”: 1, Jane Healey; 2, Heather Shearing; 3, Kim Archer.

The long and the short: 1, Kim Archer; 2, Heather Shearing; 3, Jane Healey.

Steps: 1, Heather Shearing; 2, Chris Healey; 3, Jane Healey.

Section 4: Junior Class

Decorated hard-boiled egg: Samuel Tancock/Jamie Tancock.