St BARTHOLOMEW’S Primary School held its third ‘Rafe Day’ in memory of a former pupil on what would have been his 11th birthday. Seven-year-old Rafe Larby died suddenly of an undiagnosed illness in February 2020. This day was especially poignant as Rafe’s school friends will be heading to secondary school soon. 

“Everyone at St Bart’s welcomed us with open arms,” said Charlie Larby. "Seeing the children run into school, in their own clothes, ready for a day of creative and adventurous learning – as our little boy Rafe used to do, helped us feel close to him. 

“We spent a few hours with his old classmates, talking about him and reflecting on the journey we have all been on since he died in February 2020. We are in awe of the bravery of these children, facing this difficult loss head on.”

Headteacher Simon Avenell said: “We are a family at this school and Rafe is a part of our family. 

“Just because he isn’t here in body, doesn’t mean he isn’t here in spirit. We don’t forget someone because they aren’t here anymore.”