Up-in-arm residents have managed to get a controversial parking permit scheme put on hold. The Hyde Housing scheme was set to be introduced on Hammer Hill Estate in Lynchmere.

Hammer Hill resident, Stuart Wyman, found out about the scheme through neighbours living in Hyde Homes. Other residents were not alerted to the scheme. Stuart tried to obtain a permit but was told the scheme was not finalised and implementation was some way off. But in January he found signs warning parking without permits would incur a £100 fine.

But Stuart feels this is not his biggest concern and said: “Our estate is mainly made up of elderly residents. Most do not have online access, and yet this is the only way to get permits.”

Visitors to the estate must also have permits, again obtained online, and residents can only have 100 visitor permits per year – roughly two visitors a week. Stuart worries this is not enough.

He said: “To me, in this day and age, where we are constantly reminded of the mental health issues that face the elderly from loneliness, I find this to be appalling behaviour from a company supposedly acting in the best interests of its residents.”

Residents have spoken to the parish council and Chichester District Council, and Hyde Housing has now paused the scheme while they work on a solution.

A Hyde spokesperson apologised for the inconvenience the parking enforcement might have had on residents.

They added: “The restrictions are still on hold. During our recent visit with the parish council, we’ve seen that obstructive and dangerous parking is taking place. Until this issue is addressed, we cannot commit to removing the restriction. We hope by the end of our discussions, and with the support of residents, we can come to a solution that suits everyone.”