Guildford Shakespeare Company’s Murder Mystery series swapped stage for aeroplane in Boeing, Boeing Gone!

At Dunsfold Aerodrome a former British Airways Boeing 747 was illuminated by blue lights against a dark sky.

On board the audience were passengers on Ariel Airways flight 1564, set for Christmas on Tenerife in 1979.

Just as the plane taxis to the end of the runway, there are jolts and vibrations that run through your seat and you feel as if you were really in that situation as you hear the final moments of Captain Charlie Romeo over the PA and you come to a stop.

Stranded at the end of the runway, passengers are called up to help solve the murder case before emergency services arrive.

They are joined by flight stewardess Juliet and co-pilot Mike Oscar, with fellow passengers Paulina – now widow to Captain Romeo – and Ferdinand.

Skye Hallam gives a delightful performance as Juliet, who takes charge as an Enola Holmes and drives the night forward with spirited determination.

Noel White is hilarious as Mike. His rich voice adds to his character’s sophisticated appearance and works well with the shiftier aspects of his personality that the audience can’t help but love.

Rosalind Blessed grabs the audience from the start in her portrayal of Paulina. Swaggering around the plane and being unapologetically herself, she is comedy gold as the high maintenance wife.

Daniel Burke is nothing but convincing as peace-loving student Ferdinand. His natural charisma, aided by his props of sage and gongs, make him a joy to watch and interact with.

Passengers are then put into various groups, depending on the colour of their boarding pass, and are whisked away by company members in high-vis jackets which include GSC co-founders Sarah Gobran and Matt Pinches.

From talking to Paulina in first class, while sipping from a glass of Prosecco, to uncovering the captain’s private locker with other group members, there are plenty of opportunities to interact with all the characters and fellow passengers to discover new information and put your theories together and discuss with others while having a good laugh.

The highlight was how well the cast worked together, and the most convincing slow motion sequence that tops the best ones from movies.

So get ready to fly away for a non-stop night of laughter and mystery on board Ariel Airways.

Michelle Monaghan