A six-week consultation on a proposed network of CCTV cameras designed to catch lorry drivers flouting Farnham’s HGV ban has begun.

The survey will close on December 15, and members of the public as well as HGV operators can make their views known via this link.

If the Surrey County Council plans are approved, the Farnham HGV Watch voluntary group will become the first such group in the county to adopt enforcement cameras.

Catherine Powell, county councillor for Farnham North, said: "Finally, the news we have been waiting for! This would not have been possible without the amazing Community HGV Watch team that started in North Farnham and then moved to cover Castle Street."

Surrey County Council's HGV Watch scheme works in that volunteers monitor HGV traffic in areas where restrictions are in place. They upload photographs of vehicles considered to be in contravention of the restriction to the SCC website where our HGV Watch co-ordinator reviews the information and contacts the HGV owner/operator with a ‘warning letter’.

Farnham HGV watch was set up in late 2022 and the group have been making regular surveys since January 2023 on Upper Hale Road, Odiham Road, Folly Hill and Castle Street.

The group have collated more than nine months of data on HGV’s monitored in the areas listed and although the group carried out regular observations and enforcement letters were sent, the number of HGVs contravening the restriction did not reduce – although there were very few repeat offenders.

A spokesman for Surrey County Council said: "Farnham will be the first HGV Watch site to adopt CCTV enforcement and today we have started a six-week public consultation for traffic enforcement cameras.

"The survey will close on December 15 where results will be analysed. The consultation will be communicated via our social media channels and we aim to receive participation from local stakeholders, HGV operators and Logistics UK who represent HGV operators nationally.

"Please do take a moment to view our consultation page and Surrey Says survey."