The mayor of Farnham encountered a succession of time travellers on the streets of Farnham on Sunday.

Councillor Alan Earwaker was visiting the antiques market in West Street, when he was approached by a man dressed like a pioneer aviator from the late 19th century.

The man said his experimental aircraft had failed shortly after take-off from Farnborough and he had ditched in a field close by.

He had wandered into Farnham seeking help, but found the town rather different to how he remembered it. The man said he believed the year to be 1899.

The mayor’s attention was later taken by the approach of three young men in old-style lace-up football tops, who were kicking a brown leather football between them and singing a patriotic song which some visitors to the market identified as Your King And Country Want You, dating from 1914.

The young men saluted and said they were in town for their final football game before departing to fight overseas “for King and country”.

These were not the only temporal anomalies to occur in Farnham over the weekend. On Saturday, visitors to central Farnham reported sightings of a man in Saxon-era chainmail. The man did not speak modern English but indicated he had lost his sword, and expressed concern about the presence of Vikings. Some noted that the Battle of Farnham in 892 AD saw a Saxon army under command of Edward, son of Alfred the Great, repel Vikings who had been looting the south of England.

They also encountered a lady in Georgian dress who said she was looking for Emma, Lady Hamilton to warn her against continuing her affair with Lord Horatio Nelson. Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton are reputed to have spent time together in Farnham around 1801.

They also caught glimpses of a young woman dressed in 1930s style, who was dancing through the streets and swinging around lampposts.

Out of Chaos, the theatre company behind the ongoing immersive theatre experience There’s Something Going On Here, about the mysterious Department for Continuity investigating a suspected time portal in Farnham, refused to confirm the time travellers were connected to their show, which they are producing with Farnham Maltings...