HUNDREDS headed outside to enjoy the sunshine, a car-free West Street and to pick up a few bargains last Sunday, as Farnham hosted its second Art & Craft Makers Market.

“This is brilliant,” one happy browser said, “it should happen every weekend, I’ve never seen so many folk in West Street before”.

“No cars – lovely. Really lovely. I feel so safe”, another passer-by remarked.

“How about a weekday fruit and veg market?” said another.

The market was run by ACVR Events in partnership with Farnham Town Council.

Mark Westcott, the independent county candidate for Farnham South who first proposed a West Street market, said: “I was absolutely delighted to see how incredibly successfully the day went.

“If compelling evidence were needed that this section of West Street can be closed once or twice a week, this was it.”