A recent week’s break in the sunshine was just the tonic for local paraglider pilots Justin Simmonds and Goran Oberg.

A budget flight from Gatwick courtesy of EasyJet provided a welcome escape to Tenerife for the duo, who normally fly from slopes around the Petersfield area with the Sky Surfing Club.

Simmonds said: “We flew every day apart from one when we chose to stay in the bar instead, because of the weather.

“We managed to launch from a number of different sites including Ifonche, Taucho, Guima and Fascia.

“My longest flight was from Ifonche to Los Gigantes, a distance of approximately 26km.

“It took me two hours to complete the flight. Goran flew there and back, eventually landing on the beach. His 33km flight lasted more than four hours.”

Brian Parkins