WHEN Brambleton Hall was broken into on the night of Saturday, June 9, thieves took off with a safe containing sentimental church silverware.

A chalice, paten, wafer box, and bowl were among items stolen when the hall was broken into through a pair of brand new steel firedoors.

Security at the hall is being reviewed, including considerations for alarms, security lights and CCTV. Reverend John Morris, vicar in The Bourne with Tilford, told the Herald that just three weeks ago All Saints Church, Tilford, was also targeted, although nothing was taken.

He said: “It is the whole thing of having your space invaded. There is a very loyal group of people who work down there and it’s very upsetting for them.

“From our point of view we’d like the hall to be known as the heart of the community and we’re trying to do that - that’s our role as a church, to help the community in anyway we can. When that’s violated, that is something which affects us all.”

Police were unable to attend the scene as they “deal with offences based on the threat, risk and harm to the public” when the call is received, according to a Surrey Police spokesperson.

They added: “This decision is made taking into account other demand at the time and whether there are sufficient lines of enquiry to progress, this includes whether there is any CCTV or the likelihood of any independent witnesses, for instance.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting PR/45180060818.